"When is the next UK Golden Age collection coming out?"

I have been asked several times now "When is the next UK Golden Age collection coming out?"

The answer is simple: Never. Though I should remember to "Never say never again".

Firstly, the collection (cover to the see it?) is over 400 pages and quite simply does not sell. It's a work of love!  The strips in the book are so rare and the characters so obsolete that you will not find them anywhere else because no one cares.

Comickers go crazy for scans of old Beano or Dandy comics or even of Amalgamated Press comics or The Eagle and that's it.  I've been insulted by comic 'fans' for daring to even mention the publishers or titles because they are insignificant.

If we said that EVERY comic from the US Golden Age other than Timely or DC was ignored you GA comic fans will see what I mean.  In this case "It's not D. C. Thomson or Amalgamated Press!"  And then you get the asses who tell members of groups on the net "Oh, if you had a photocopier you could produce something just as good as these books"  Yeah, now that ass-wipe hid behind a pseudonym but I KNOW who he is because he filched as many UK GA scans off my groups as he could and has offered them all over the place as from "source unknown" (What the scan just appeared on his computer???)  or as his own work.  And you know what? I know for 100% certainty that he never ever purchased a copy of the individual issues.

Then you have the arse-cracks who write: "I don't like the humour strips. I don't think they are funny. I only want to see super hero strips!" and "If you continue to include humour strips I'm not buying."  Well, feck you. Because, I sold these books and I know again that these complainers NEVER purchased copies.  Then you have the "It's all black and white. No colour. I'd buy it if there were colour strips in the books!"

If any of you have checked out my GA blog -link to the right- you know the problems -orange, red, purple, blue, green and other awful ink colours that reproduce badly.  Now, had I included colour strips then the production cost is such that the Ultimate Collection would cost you over £100 a copy because even if there were only 10 colour pages out of 405 you are still charged the colour rate for EVERY page even if they are b&w!

Rarely I hear from someone who really appreciates the book. Brian "Bib" Edwards, creator of Captain Biplane and one of the minds behind the Braque comic, now in his 70s, wrote to say how much he enjoyed the collection and seeing strips from his youth he thought he would never see again.  That gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.

Black Tower has produced 100% more than anyone else on UK GA comics and strips and it is a LOT of work.

But it has not all ended.  Black Tower Super Heroes now includes a mix of old Golden and Silver Ages strips as well as new ones. And I ought really to say THANK YOU to the bosses at IPC Media who have been very kind.


I really do get encouraged by sales to produce more you know.

And if Ben Dilworth reads this take care of yourself, mate.


405 Pages 
Black & White
Price: £20.00
Combining volumes 1-6 of the BT Golden Age British Comics Collections (minus adverts) this is the ultimate for any Golden Age collector or historian or just plain comic lover. Features Ace Hart, TNT Tom, Electrogirl, Wonderman, The Phantom Raider, Captain Comet, Acro Maid, Phantom Maid, Dene Vernon,The Iron Boy, The Boy Fish,Professor Atom and MANY others!

Merry Maker Comic No. 3

Received the following scans of The Merry Maker Comic today from

Hi Terry,
"Just scanned issue # 3 of this comic and as I promised here's the page scans. Will be posting it to Scanarama in the next week.
The only signed strips appear to be Basil Reynolds on 'Larry Lisp', Stanley White on 'Bob ansd Doris' and Hugh White on 'The Castle Mystery'. The latter two variations on Hugh Stanley White presumably.
No date of course, presumably after the War. One can only hope some other of the issues will eventually surface.
Well, I can solve the date, if not the exact date (week). 
Algar/Burn published 11 issues of the title between 1946-1947.  If a weekly, then it must have begun population later in the year (1946) to reach no. 11 in 1947.  So I'm guessing that number 3 must have been published in December 1947?
Anyone who can pinpoint it know where I am!
And, of course, THANK YOU, Ernesto!



This is one of those scans sent to me quite a while ago and as is typical –no date.  I do know that Merry Maker Comic was published between 1946-1947.  There were 11 issues in total and published by L. Burn & Co. 


The first issue  has work by Walter (Rob The Rover) Booth – Bob And Doris. Other work is credited to Basil Reynolds, but with nothing signed…


The Shell Shop is credited to Hugh White.


I have to admit that Bob And Doris looks really weird!  I’d love to see the complete story!


But this is all I have so if you know the date of this issue (or nmber) please get in touch!


addenda: Mystery solved!  Got this email from Ernesto:


"Hi Terry,

Glad to see you've posted my scan of this Merry Maker. I do believe it to be issue 11, though this is only because the person I bought it from stated it was and believed it to be the final issue.

I agree with your comment on the rather surreal Bob and Doris-it would be fascinating to see more, though if this was the last issue, it looks as if more artwork was done but probably never published.

The good news is I have acquired another issue, though yet to be received. I of course intend to scan it when it arrives and will be happy to send you a copy.




There:issue 11!  THANKS Ernesto.